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Yuba County Resource Conservation District's Current Activities

Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) can function as the local go-to-hub to assist farmers, ranchers, and local communities with their resource conservation needs. They can support on-the-ground projects, conduct educational programs and technical workshops, provide information on funding resources, coordinate workgroups, and support other activities that address local resource conservation needs.

Yuba County, while relatively small, contains a variety of landscapes and natural resources including farm and ranch lands, river watersheds, oak woodlands, and mixed hardwood and conifer forests. Stewarding this abundance of resources requires actions to address local resource conservation needs.  A number of local entities are working to address some of these needs, but the Yuba County Resource Conservation District (YCRCD) could in the future function as the local go-to-hub for resource conservation activities including multi-party collaborations. However, given the YCRCD’s present size and available resources, the YCRCD board currently is focusing on its efforts to expand capacity, build partnerships, and participate in outreach activities. In regard to expanding capacity, the YCRCD is working with a contractor to develop a Needs Assessment which will help the YCRCD prioritize its staffing needs and project work. Funds for this Assessment are coming from a California Department of Conservation Financial Assistance Program grant and the Yuba Water Agency. Results from this Assessment will be available by June 2022. The YCRCD also is involved in several projects with local partners. Check out Projects for more information about these projects. Finally, the YCRCD is gradually increasing its participation in local agency and community meetings and outreach activities.  

If you would like to talk to us more about what RCDs can do or YCRCD’s current efforts and long-term plans, or if you are interested in volunteering some time, please contact us.