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Alyssa Lindman

Position: Board Director - President
Appointing Authority: Yuba County Board of Supervisors

Brief Biography


2004.           B.S., Landscape Architecture (Landscape Restoration minor). UC Davis.

Work Experience Overview:

From 2004-2006, Alyssa was a Restoration Designer for Wildlands, Inc., using AutoCAD and GIS software to prepare concept designs, construction documents, and maps for mitigation and restoration projects.  Responsibilities included project design, implementation, survey work, construction oversight, monitoring, and project reporting.  From 2006-2010, Alyssa was a Landscape Planner for Foothill Associates, where she used AutoCAD to design public spaces and restoration projects.  Alyssa was also responsible for construction oversight of a 200-acre vernal pool preserve, which included hydrologic and invertebrate monitoring and mapping.  In 2011, Alyssa worked for South Yuba River Citizens League as an On-Site Supervisor for the Hammon Bar Rehabilitation project on the South Yuba River. Responsibilities included assessing donor plants for pole cuttings, managing crew and directing planting of 1,680 pole cuttings on a 1.25-acre site.  From 2011-2018, Alyssa served as a Yuba County Planning Commissioner for District 1.  

Current Assignment (apart from the YCRCD):

For the past 10 years Alyssa has served as the Executive Director and Lands Manager for the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust (SBRLT).  As an LTA Accredited land trust, SBRLT’s focus is to preserve the natural and agricultural land of the Sutter Buttes and surrounding region (Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa Counties).  As Executive Director, Alyssa is responsible for providing strategic vision and leadership for SBRLT’s mission and for the management of programs, activities, and staff of the organization. Programs and activities include, but are not limited to, land protection transactions, stewardship activities, development and fundraising, communications and public awareness, strategic relationships, and financial management.  Alyssa is also responsible for managing and monitoring the land trust protected properties, which includes writing reports, baseline documentation, and GIS mapping.